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Die Evolution im Pflanzenreich (englisch)

von Annette Sneevliet



Foto: Magnolia x soulangeana, Tulpen-Magnolie, Familie Magnoliaceae, Copyright Jürgen Weiland

We all pass through various stages in our lives. From unborn child, infant, child, adult, elderly person to our death. “The circle of life” as the Buddhist call it.

While passing through all those stages and having to deal with various issues, each of us has a specific state of mind that accompanies us our whole life. We are born with it and die with it. This state of mind has to do with where we get stuck.
When we look at our lives, we’ll see that both in our childhood and adult lives there are always specific themes we constantly stumble on. Every time the same blockade, in a different form indeed, yet every time the same uncertainties, or the same sensitivity for a certain something, or every time the same things that make us angry. It is the central theme in your life.
You could say that these recurring issues are our “programme”.

The discovery Sankaran made, is that this programme corresponds to and is a manifestation of the world of a “substance” that we live. A specific plant, animal, mineral, nosode, sarcode or imponderable. In short, of something else of life here on earth.
You will find the manifestation of that profound programme everywhere. In the symptoms, modalities, emotional life, mind, vital issues, sensations and energy. It will manifest itself everywhere.

If we succeed in finding exactly the right programme of a person that matches with exactly the right homoeopathic remedy, then we will be able to see profound healing with our patients.

Those are the wonder cases in which someone’s symptoms and vital matters truly heal.

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